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By:Sam Crescent

Why did women always get defensive when men were only trying to look out for them?

“Fine, fine, fine,” Duke said, raising his hands in surrender.

“I’m heading back to the clubhouse.”

“Okay, thanks for keeping her company.”

Holly snorted.

“I’m trying to protect you.”

“I wouldn’t put this baby at risk.”

Raoul said his final goodbyes before heading out to his bike. It was cute listening to the couple argue, but he had other things to do. Straddling his bike, he turned over the engine. He didn’t allow himself the pleasure of listening to the growl like he usually did. Heading toward the clubhouse, Raoul needed to sink his dick into a nice warm pussy in order to stop himself from going hunting for a woman of his own. In his mind all he saw was the terrified expression of a beautiful, innocent redheaded woman with pretty green eyes filled with fear.

He promised himself he wouldn’t see her again. The last trip where he gave her a gun was more for her own protection than his.

Raoul wanted Zoe to be able to protect herself in the future. He couldn’t handle the thought of her being helpless.

Entering the compound he already saw the party was in full swing. With Duke spending most of his time with Holly at the ranch and Pike away on his much needed honeymoon, Russ was keeping an eye on things.

The older man was outside, sipping at a beer while checking out the time.

He looked up when he heard the sound of a bike, or at least that’s what Raoul believed.

“How’s Holly?” Russ asked.

“She’s doing great. Annoyed as hell that everyone keep fussing over her but she’s got to learn we’re not going to let anything happen to her.” He climbed off the bike, chaining it in line with the others.

“Sounds like her mother. Sheila wouldn’t have anyone around her when she was pregnant either.”

“Where is she?” Usually Russ rarely visited the clubhouse during parties without his old lady in tow.

“She didn’t feel up to it.”

There was a bigger story there that Raoul didn’t want to get involved in.

“I’m going to head on in.” Entering the clubhouse he saw Daisy was already balls deep in pussy with Pie and Knuckles as his wingmen. The crowd was thriving, practically fucking everywhere.

The moment Daisy saw him, he called for him to join in. “Come on, Raoul, help me get this bitch fucking hot.”

From the sight of her, she was already screaming in orgasm. There wasn’t much more for him to do.

Raoul kept his jacket on, pulling out a condom from his back pocket. All it took for him to get hard was to imagine a little redhead, and he was good to go.

Pulling his dick out of his pants, he watched Daisy ramming into the girl’s pussy, taking what he wanted without caring of the woman beneath him.

“You want my dick, slut?” Raoul asked. She was another regular visitor to the club. He didn’t know her name or what she was up to outside of the club. His cock was staying in the latex condom.


“Stacey wanted to come for the ride, but I told her no,” Landon said, talking. Ever since he’d picked her up from her apartment, he’d been talking.

“Look, I don’t care. I only hope Stacey doesn’t see us together and think we’re a couple. I wouldn’t date you.”

Landon burst out laughing. “I don’t date. I fuck.”

“Again, I don’t care what you do.” Zoe kept to her side of the car. “You know, you’re the first guy I know who likes talking. Usually men like silence.”

“I guess I’m not like a lot of men.”

“You’re not actually.” She glanced over at him to see he was laughing at her. “You find it funny?”

“No, I find you funny. Stacey told me you were all reserved as hell. No one could get past that frosty exterior. There’s a hell of a lot more to you than meets the eye.” He shrugged. “You’re also the first girl not to fall at my feet.”

I’m falling at the feet of another bad boy.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure the female population on campus more than makes up for my overall lack of caring.”

“You’ve got that right, starting with Stacey.”

Zoe didn’t want to talk about Stacey. The fact she’d heard her friend have a screaming orgasm over the past week, wasn’t something she liked to think about. At least Stacey hadn’t called her out in the middle of the night to a club where she almost got gang raped. She really wasn’t having the best experience when it came to roommates lately.

“We’re almost there,” he said.

Her hands started to shake. She didn’t know if this was the right thing to do or not. Crap, she really should have spent the last couple of days really thinking about what this would mean when she finally saw him again.