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Innocent Christmas(2)

By:Alexa Riley

It was stupid and unfair of me to do that to him. I know he worries about me and that I’m the most important thing to him. It was selfish of me because of everything he does for me.

That’s why I want this wedding to be perfect. To show him how much he means to me and that I only want to make him happy. My last spanking wasn’t one that turned into sweet loving. It was pure discipline, and he hasn't spanked me since, even when I pushed at being bratty a few times.

After putting on some cherry-pink lip gloss, I grab my purse and make sure I have everything I need. I check my texts to make sure I don’t have any new ones from the wedding planner and that everything is on track. I grab the gift I made as a special surprise just for Daddy.

Let’s see if I can find myself a spanking.

Chapter 2


I hear Haley knock lightly on the door to my office and I end my call. I’ve been trying to finish up just some last-minute things so I can take off plenty of time for the wedding and honeymoon and give Haley all my attention. She’s been so stressed trying to plan the most perfect day for us, and after all the chaos is over, I plan on pampering every inch of her as a reward.

“Come in, baby girl.”

She opens the door and walks in, and immediately my dick is hard. She looks so innocent and sweet, and I want nothing more than to thrust my cock into her tight cunt. Her white dress is short, and the ruffles, make her look untouched. Her fat tits are nearly bursting out of the thin lace top, and her hard nipples make my mouth water.

“Hi, Daddy.”

She dips her chin and looks up at me through her thick lashes. Her glossy lips beg for my cock to slide between them. Her knee-high tights and the bow in her hair make her look absolutely angelic, and I love every single inch.

I see something glittery with my name on it in her hand, and I raise an eyebrow in question.

“I have a present for you,” she beams, and comes bouncing around my desk to stand in front of me.

Leaning back in my chair, I spread my legs wide as she moves to stand in between them. “A present for me, little one? I love when you make me presents.” I can’t help the smile on my face. I love knowing Haley takes special time away from her day just to make me something. She always puts such thought and care into all her gifts, even if it’s just a picture she colored for me. She’s so full of life and love that it pours from her. I’m glad I’m the lucky bastard who gets to have all her attention.

Resting my arms on either side of my chair, I sit and wait for her to show me the present. She’s giddy with excitement as she holds out the envelope. I take it from her as glitter falls everywhere, but I don’t care. I open it up. Pink confetti hearts fall out, and I shake my head, laughing. Only my little would think to decorate outside as well as inside a present.

“What is this?” I ask with wonder and excitement. I look up into her eyes and see she’s so proud of herself. I want to take her to the floor and fuck her senseless, but I wait.

“It’s a coupon book! There’s all kinds of things for you inside, and you can use them anytime, anywhere.”

I feel a wicked grin spread across my face as I flip through the booklet. I see the word ‘spanking’ several times, and I look up, raising an eyebrow at her. “Are you trying to tell me something, Haley?”

She blushes a little but doesn't answer. Only spreads her legs a little.

Reaching out, I trail the tips of my fingers up her thigh and under the ruffles of her dress.

“Do you have something under this dress you need to show Daddy?”

Silently, she nods, reaching for the front hem of her dress and slowly raising it up. Just as my fingers touch her warm naked heat, her dress rises enough for me to see her bare cunt.

“Tsk, tsk, little one. This just won't do will it?”

Silently shaking her head, she bites her lip and looks at me nervously. I know she’s been wanting a spanking lately, but I’ve tried to hold myself back. I wanted there to be lots of distance between discipline and reward so she had time to separate the two.

It seems as if we’ve both missed this part of our play.

Taking my hand out from under her dress, I pull out one of the pink slips of paper and hand it over to Haley. “I’d like to use this one, please.” She takes it from my hand, but before she does anything else I pull out another piece of paper. “And this, too, little one.”

She looks down and blushes a little before nodding and placing the cards on my desk. “Which would you like first, Daddy?”

“I think the spanking first, little one.” Reaching out, I grab her wrist and pull her to me before flipping her over my lap as a gasp escapes her. “You’ve been begging for a spanking for weeks now, and you’re going to get it.”