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Hard For My Best Friend's Sister(10)

By:Ava Jackson

He’d disappeared and it had hurt so badly that I’d spent ten years avoiding him.

I needed to be the one walking out on him. My mind seized on the idea. I was already feeling heady and strong after settling the terms of the deal today. Tomorrow it’d be signed, and I’d cement my reputation as a rising star. A promotion had to be imminent after this. Then I’d fly back to Dallas and try to forget Cameron Richmond had ever kissed me.

The only thing missing from this plan was closure. I dried off my hands on the fluffy hotel towel and picked up my phone.

Yes, I texted him.

His response came seconds later. One hour. Meet me in the lobby of your hotel.

How did he know which hotel I was staying at? Stalker, I texted back to him. Okay, so my hotel was probably common knowledge because I was on their home turf. But using the information to pick up dates was pretty shady.

I wasn’t even sure how ethical having dinner with the lawyer for the other side was. Surely it wouldn’t count as a conflict of interest if we didn’t do anything other than eat and talk.

I pulled the plug on the bath and got out. An hour wasn’t much time to get ready, and I wanted to look so gorgeous he’d rue the day he’d ever left me.

The first thing I pulled out of my suitcase was the lingerie. Lingerie was my ultimate confidence booster. I’d packed it in case the negotiation went sideways and I needed a pick me up. Wearing it just felt like a sexy secret.

I slid into the silky fabric and sighed as it glided it against my skin. I paused to check myself in a mirror. I looked hot. Exactly how I needed to look. I smiled and flipped my hair over my shoulder.

What’s that, Cameron? You want to sleep with me again? Oh, let me think about it for a minute. No.

I laughed at myself. It would be thrilling to turn down Cameron Richmond. But what if my resolve wavered, and I said yes instead?

I bit my lip. His large frame on top of me, my body begging for more…

To hell with it. It didn’t matter what I said. No matter what happened, I’d find a way to win. Maybe I’d say yes and then be the one sneaking out on him in the morning.

No. I’d say no. I couldn’t risk getting my feelings crushed again by sleeping with him. Then I’d be in the exact same place I’d been for the last ten years except without the excuse of being young and stupid.

I shook my head. It wasn’t about winning. Was it even necessary I hurt Cameron? I was an adult now. I shouldn’t care so much about something as petty as revenge.

I pulled my sexy red dress out of my suitcase. In case of celebration the Post-It note I’d stuck to it read. I always packed with purpose in mind. I did tend to have a problem with packing for too many different possibilities and over stuffing my luggage, though.

I was glad I’d packed this particular dress. When he saw me in it, he was going to wish he’d never walked out on me all those years ago.

I anticipated the look of longing and regret he’d wear when he saw me like this. It was still petty of me, but he’d hurt me badly enough that I decided a little bit of pettiness was allowed.

I took my time with my makeup and hair. I curled my hair into soft waves that fell around my face and chose a bold red lipstick to match the dress.

He was going to hate himself when he saw me, and I was going to relish every minute of it.

Chapter 6


Dylan looked so damn incredible I forgot to breath. She strutted into the lobby of the hotel in fuck-me strappy heels and a red dress that flirted around her thighs and begged to be taken off.

Best manners, Richmond, I reminded myself. I needed to be the perfect gentleman to apologize for what happened between us ten years ago, but all I could think about was having a repeat performance. I had never wanted her as badly as I did right then.

She was amazing. It wasn’t just that she was hot, curvy, and confident. I loved what I saw of her in that negotiating room. She still had that same sweetness to her that I found so appealing in college, but she added an irresistible sassy femininity now too.

I thought the lobby of this hotel was impressive before she walked into it. Now it paled in comparison to her.

She strutted toward the waterfall in the middle of the lobby and flipped her hair over her shoulder as she passed the marble countered concierge’s desk.

I walked up to her slowly, drinking in the sight of her. I couldn’t wait to get her alone.

“My car is waiting outside,” I said. I held out my hand for her.

Dylan raised an eyebrow. I hated how good she was at that. “Let me guess: your car is expensive.”

I smiled. “Yes. Try not to puke on the upholstery.”

“That was one time.” She took my hand and I let out a breath I’d hardly been aware I was holding.