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By´╝ÜCandace Blevins

She grinned at her brother and then her face went sad again as she continued the story. “I wasn’t planning to be home for another two hours, because I was going to get some paperwork handled in the office and then head across the street for the closing, but with it falling through, I was tired and decided to go home, thinking I’d surprise him.” She took a stuttering breath, determined not to cry again. “Unfortunately, I surprised both him and the new rookie in his division — in my bed, with him doing her up the ass.” She discovered she was drunk enough now, she wasn’t sad, just pissed. “New sheets aren’t going to do it. I’m going to need a new mattress.”

“Did you kick him out, or just turn around and leave?” Her brother wasn’t happy.

“I told him to be gone when I got back, but I know he won’t be and I don’t have it in me to fight with him tonight. If I can stay in Cam’s old apartment, I’ll deal with him tomorrow, and get the locks changed while I’m at it.”

Isaac’s voice vibrated through his chest as he looked to the floor and said, “Cam, come take my place. I need to make a phone call.”

Gen couldn’t help but smile as Isaac gave Cam a quick kiss on the lips and tousled his hair. She watched Isaac’s fine derriere walk out of the room as she snuggled into Cam’s side, and said, “He’s going to have someone go to my apartment and make him leave, isn’t he.” She didn’t ask it as a question, she’d been around Isaac enough to know he had a protective streak a mile wide.

Cam turned them both sideways, so he was leaned against the arm of the sofa with his legs stretched across the cushions, and Gen ended up resting against him with her legs stretched out, too. It was so much more comfortable, and she was suddenly sleepy. Cam finally answered, “My guess is someone’ll be here in an hour or two with another set of keys for you, so you can get in your house tomorrow after Isaac’s people change the locks.”

* * * *

Gen awoke in Cassie’s bed the next morning. A note was propped on the night table, telling her she was welcome to the yoga pants and t-shirt folded on the chair, and to feel free to use the shampoo and conditioner on the tub, and whatever makeup might work for her. Cassie was fair skinned, so no way would it work on Gen’s darker complexion, but she loved that Cassie had made the offer.

She showered and put the yoga pants on, minus panties, and donned the t-shirt. It was nearly ten o’clock and she had to meet the bikers in four hours, but she needed caffeine and salty food. As long as she drank dark liquor she was rarely hung over, so while she felt a little off, she was otherwise fine.

She went to the kitchen, where Cam poured her some coffee, fixed her some fried potatoes, and brought her up to date. “Isaac had someone boot the asshole out of your place last night. They watched to be sure he only packed things that looked as if they were his — men’s clothes, men’s shampoo, razors. You said he didn’t move any other stuff in, so they didn’t let him take anything else.” He nodded towards his left. “The keys on the counter are yours. They changed the locks and gave your housekeeper new keys, too.”

“Isaac’s really sweet, I’ll have to see how much I owe him. Thanks so much for taking care of me last night.”

Cam tilted his head. “You don’t seem heartbroken this morning. What gives?”

“Of the last three guys I dated, I’ve walked in on two of them having sex with someone else, and found out another was cheating on me when my mother saw him having a romantic dinner with another woman. She’d never liked him, so she took a little too much glee in using her new-found texting skills to take a picture of them and send it to me.”

“That totally sucks, Gen, but please tell me you aren’t getting used to it, because I don’t think anyone should, and if you are then that’s gotta be one of the saddest things ever.”

She shook her head and looked out the window towards the Hiawassee River. Her brother lived in the sticks, but this view was worth the drive. “It’s almost like, I dunno… it hurt so bad last night, and then Isaac pulled me into his arms and I was better. Superglue. My heart isn’t broken anymore.

I don’t know if anyone’s ever gonna manage to get past the damned superglue, but for now, it doesn’t hurt and I’m not complaining.”

Chapter Four

Gen usually picked her clients up and drove them to see the properties, so she owned one of the most luxurious Mercedes, with a large, comfortable interior.

The bikers, however, had told her they’d meet her there.