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Black Swan Affair(10)

By:K.L. Kreig

His overly light circles around and around my sensitive nipple make my back arch and my breath catch.

Sweet Lord. I need more.

“Mmm, a soft touch makes you quiver. Let’s see what else does.”

Stop. Tell him to stop. But God, I can’t. I don’t want to tell him no like I have the last three times he’s tried making the moves on me. And let’s face facts: the way I’m undulating under his ministrations doesn’t exactly scream back off.

The hand between my legs still working its magic, I silently watch on as he leans forward to dip a finger into the ganache I planned on icing the choux pastry cases with. He brings a chocolate-covered digit up and circles it around my peaked bud. I gasp loudly when he pinches and tugs.

Hot, dirty words trickle into my ear. “Oh fuck, yes. This makes your pussy pulse, Swan.”

There’s no denying it. I felt the clamp around the fingers inside me as much as he did.

“You like a little pain with your pleasure?”

I like it. I like it a lot. When I don’t answer, he tweaks again and I choke out a yes.

“You know how sexy it is that you’re this wet for me?” he groans. “Fuck. I want to bend you over this counter, Maverick. I want to rip off your soaked panties, hike up this dress over your bare ass, and adorn your cheeks red with my handprints. I want to wind your gorgeous hair in between my fingers and pull your head back so I can watch your eyes as I slide into you and mark my wife as mine. So you never forget.”


Holy shit.

My head is spinning. My bones are liquid.

Did someone just drop a dirty-talking Kael look-alike in my house? What the hell happened at work today? In all the months we’ve been an official “couple,” he’s never spoken to me like this. He’s treated me like glass…or as a bride who might flee any second. Even on our honeymoon, he was tender and gentle.

“I want to do such sinful things to your body, Swan.”

And God, who knew his childhood pet name for me could be so damn sexy when purred like satin in my ear?

Kael expertly brings me up, higher and hotter. I’m burning. Already throbbing for release, but he demands an answer. “Tell me you want that, Mavs.”

I nod.

I want to tell him the more sinful the better but I don’t have a chance. With a strong hand, he pushes my face toward him so he can capture my lips in a heated kiss. It’s forceful, a clear stamp of ownership, but it’s so damn sensual at the same time it makes my toes curl. I feel gooey chocolate smear on my face, but I’m too gone in an alcoholic sex haze to care.

I want this.

I need this.

You can have this…stop thinking so damn much.

My breath kicks up and my sex spasms as he picks up the pace, shifting into high gear. Playtime is over. He means business.

“Yes, Mavs,” he pants against my lips, encouraging me.

Yes, Mavs. So fucking tight and hot and soft. Come for me, Small Fry. I want to feel your pussy clench my fingers hard.

Fuck, Maverick. Stop.

Stay with Kael.

His thick erection twitches at the small of my back. A sting on my clit, now hostage between two fingers, makes my knees tremble. I beg for more.

“Yes, so good, baby,” he croons softly.

Jesus Christ, so fucking good, Maverick. He grips my hip so hard, I’ll bruise. I want bruises.

No. Please. No.

I squeeze my eyes shut, completely disoriented. My body moves in time with fingers pumping in and out, in and out. Fingers that demand everything from me, while the past and present cruelly play tug-of-war.

“Come for me.”

Come for me.

“So fucking close. Give it to me. I’ve got you.”

Give it to me. It’s mine.

His pace increases, supplicates, and I already feel an orgasm barreling down on me. The other side of my dress is tugged down, my nipple rolling between deft fingers. I’m adrift in that space between yesterday and today. Invisible. Confused. Wanting.

“You’re right there.”

Fuck yes, you’re there.

I’m there. “I’m coming,” I announce on a short, ragged breath. God, I’m coming. My hands fly to his forearms and my fingers dig into his flesh.

I’m coming, Killian. Oh, God…I’m coming, I tell him as I let myself soar, riding out the intense wave of ecstasy crashing through my body like a tsunami.

I’m falling, tumbling, starting my downward descent into the rabbit hole of bliss and obscurity when his body tenses and he releases me like a hot ember. I’m suspended midair, desperately trying to reach that pleasure now rapidly slipping away.

Then I’m being whipped around. I glance up, blinking rapidly, to find hard eyes and a ticking jaw.

Oh no. Shit. Oh, crap. Did I say Killian’s name?