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Slipperless Series (Book #4) by Sloan Storm
Slipperless Series (Book #2) by Sloan Storm
Billionaire’s Trust by Sloan Storm
Billionaire’s Pursuit by Sloan Storm
Slipperless Series (Book #1) by Sloan Storm
Cobra by Timothy Zahn
CALIPHATE by Tom Kratman
Wife for a Week by Kelly Hunter
Draw One In The Dark by Sarah A. Hoyt
FREE STORIES 2012 by Tony Daniel
Bedlam Boyz by Ellen Guon
Fire with Fire by CHARLES E. GANNON
The Forlorn by Dave Freer
Walk Of Shame by Victoria Ashley
Styx (Walk Of Shame 2nd Generation #2) by Victoria Ashley
Get Off on the Pain by Victoria Ashley
Cale (Walk of Shame #3) by Victoria Ashley
The Billionaire Beast by Jackie Ashenden
The Philosophical Strangler by Eric Flint
In the Heart of Darkness by Eric Flint & David Drak
The Course of Empire by Eric Flint and K.D. Wentworth
BOUNDARY by Ryk E. Spoor
1632 by Eric Flint
The Warslayer by Rosemary Edghill
The Tank Lords by David Drake
Starliner by David Drake
Seas of Venus by David Drake
THE SEA HAG by David Drake
Redliners by David Drake
OLD NATHAN by David Drake
The Virgin Cowboy by Alexa Riley
The Dark (A Detective Alice Madison Novel) by Valentina Giambanco
Cage of Deceit by Jennifer Anne Davis
THE TAKING OF CLARA 2 by Sam Crescent
The Bad Boys' Virgin Temptress by Sam Crescent
The Bad Boys' Reluctant Woman by Sam Crescent
The Alpha's Toy by Sam Crescent
Maid for the Billionaire by Ruth Cardello
Vincent (Made Men Book 2) by Sarah Brianne
Picture of Innocence by Jacqueline Baird
Cut to the Bone by Shane Gericke
Love Hacked by Penny Reid
The Player and the Pixie by Penny Reid
Ninja At First Sight by Penny Reid
Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid
Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid
Addicted to You by Renita Pizzitola
Just a Little Crush by Renita Pizzitola
A Flaw So Beautiful by Alora Kate
My Biggest Mistake by Leddy Harper
Ordered By The Mountain Man by Frankie Love
KING: Las Vegas Bad Boys by Frankie Love
JACK: Las Vegas Bad Boys by Frankie Love
ACE: Las Vegas Bad Boys by Frankie Love
Giving In (Surrender Trilogy) by Maya Banks
Pregnancy of Revenge by Jacqueline Baird
Learning Curves by Cathryn Fox
Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher
Complications by Emilia Winters
Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare
Big Men of the House by Wendy Pound
Vendetta by Catherine Doyle
Inferno by Catherine Doyle
Ceci Giltenan by Highland Solution
November Harlequin Presents 1 by Susan Stephens
November Harlequin Presents 2 by Susan Stephens
Tempting the Law by Alexa Riley
Taking the Fall by Alexa Riley
Shielding Lily by Alexa Riley
Branding the Virgin by Alexa Riley
14 Erotic Stories Bundle by Danica Williams
FALLING IN by Alexa Riley
Fever by Lola Taylor
Doll Face by C.M. Stunich
Bad Nanny by C.M. Stunich
Broken Rider by Sasha Stark
Dirty Score, A Rough Riders Hockey Novel by Joan Swan
Once Upon A Half-Time 1 by Sosie Frost
Once Upon A Half-Time 2 by Sosie Frost
Hard by Sosie Frost
Happily Ever All-Star 1 by Sosie Frost
Happily Ever All-Star 2 by Sosie Frost
Beauty and the Blitz by Sosie Frost
Bad Boy's Revenge by Sosie Frost
Bad Boy's Bridesmaid by Sosie Frost
Bad Boy's Baby by Sosie Frost
My Most Precious One by Evangelene
My Guardian Angel by Evangelene
The Lover Beneath Me by Evangelene
The Husband Beside Me by Evangelene
The Devil Behind Me by Evangelene
Read My Lips by Daryl Banner
Beneath The Skin by Daryl Banner
Bounty by Kristen Ashley
(Dream Man 03) Law Man by Kristen Ashley
Good Girl by Willow Winters
Stepbrother Master by Ava Jackson
His Plaything by Ava Jackson
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