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Belonging to the Steer Brothers(4)

By:Sam Crescent

Paul saw red, and he couldn’t explain what went through his mind, but he flicked the light on and charged at the man about to take his woman. Paul pulled him up by the scruff of the neck. Everything else that happened went a little blurry, until David walked in. Anna was crying, and the loser sported a nice shiner, his eye not opening properly. Paul, in his anger, grabbed him and led him out, dumping his ass on the door step. The desire to kick his ass was strong.

“Get the fuck off my property. If you ever touch her I’ll cut your dick off and feed it to my dogs,” Paul growled. He shut the door by kicking it with his foot and charged back into the sitting room.

“What the hell is going on?” David asked as soon as he entered the room. Anna was rubbing the tears away from her cheeks, her hands shaking. David went to his knees and buttoned her blouse for her.

“He threw my date out. I’ve been going steady with Henry for the past few weeks. He’s a gentleman,” she said to David, accusing Paul in the process. Paul didn’t care; he was a man possessed.

“A gentleman? He practically had his hands on your pussy,” Paul shouted.

She winced but stormed up to him, a finger poking his chest. “It wouldn’t have got that far. He was rubbing my stomach, you fucking jerk.”

“I’m a jerk. Why would you need your stomach rubbed? He was just looking for a chance to get into your knickers.”

“You’re going to force me to spell it out, aren’t you? I’ve got women’s troubles. Does that answer your fucking question?” Her cheeks were red, and Paul wondered if it was from embarrassment or anger.

“You didn’t need him rubbing your stomach. You’ve got me and David. We supply you with water bottles and help you through that,” Paul said.

“How? How can I ask you for anything when you’ve made it abundantly clear I can’t come to you for anything unless I’m prepared to follow through with something?” she asked.

“What? What the fuck are you talking about?” David asked. Paul ignored him.

“I threw out the jerk who was mauling you on my sofa. You want to behave like a little tramp you do it outside my house.” He hated himself for the vicious words. Paul knew he was in the wrong. Over the past few months he’d made it harder and harder for her to approach him for anything. He knew she wasn’t a tramp, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself.

“How dare you? I’ve never done anything like this in my life, and besides, what about your reputation with the ladies? You’re not any better,” she yelled back.

David remained quiet. Paul saw the underlying rage simmering beneath the surface. Once this argument was over it was possible they’d come to blows for the first time ever.

“At least I make sure my life remains as private as possible. Were you just going to let Mr. Fingers have his way? Fuck you on my sofa in my house. I won’t have any of that. Not here, not now.” The words were the final straw.

She raised her hand and slapped him round the face. “For the last time, I wasn’t going to sleep with him. If you think that, fine. I won’t be staying here. Consider me gone.” Anna ran up stairs, and within two hours she was out of the door. Her bags were packed. Paul had an internal fight. He wanted to grab her and hold her. Apologise for being a dick and beg her to stay. The other part of him was screaming for her to leave and be free.

The moment the door closed, David punched him in the face. Paul took his punishment.

As the weeks went by Paul missed her terribly, and David threatened his life if anything happened to her. She got back in touch to apologise for her behaviour.

Dear Paul and David,

I’m sorry my behaviour was less than savoury. Paul was right. It wasn’t my house, and I should never have invited back a boy. I apologise. I’m no longer in CapeFalls and went to college elsewhere. I’ll send letters if you want to hear on my progress. If not, then that doesn’t matter. I wish you a good life. I know taking me in had been a hard decision, but I’m grateful for everything you’ve given me.

Love, Anna xxx

David stormed away, and Paul felt like the utter bastard he was. She’d left an address to send back, and he explained his actions. Not telling her how he felt, but making sure she’d write as regularly as she could. He also told her that the Steer home would always be part of her home, and she was welcome anytime. He made sure she had plenty of money in her bank account and was well looked after. David and Paul sat and waited for the day she would come back home. The diary didn’t offer any comfort. He read the pages over and over, and nothing helped him deal with his attitude. What he’d done was abhorrent. He’d sent the only woman he’d ever loved away out of fear. After all of his hard work Paul was a fool. He wanted Anna more than he wanted anything in his life, and he’d ruined it.