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Belonging to the Steer Brothers(3)

By:Sam Crescent

The other part wondered what would happen if one day Anna had a diary of her own and was writing words of hatred? He wouldn’t be able to bear her accusing words.

Closing the horrid diary, Paul went in search of sustenance in the kitchen. He stopped as he saw Anna, the woman he and his brother wanted but could never have, bent over a work surface, her gorgeous plump ass covered by the skimpiest bikini he’d ever seen. She turned as soon as he entered, running up to him and circling her arms around his neck. Her greeting was enthusiastic and loving. For so long she’d been running up and hugging him. For the past two years he’d fought the growing stiffness in his groin. Her hot little body pressed against him almost had him on his knees begging for her attention.

Usually he’d embrace her. Lay a kiss on the forehead and that would be all. There would be no thoughts of acting on his erection. Now he knew he must back off. He must make her hate him. That diary had destroyed any thought of him being with her. David would fight and tell him to grow up. The writings of a bitter old woman weren’t worth it. How did he know it wasn’t a woman similar to Anna? David may be able to handle the thought of her growing up and hating them. Paul refused even to give it a try.

He should find someone from town to love her and marry her. Seeing her with a man of his choosing would be easier than accepting she loved someone else. Instead he settled for the easiest option. He settled for her hating him. Paul didn’t know why; he just knew it would save him, David, and Anna so much heartache in the long run. He wasn’t acting selfishly. This was for their own good.

“What’s wrong?” she asked when he didn’t respond. His heart broke. Hurting her was the only way.

“Don’t you think you’re a little old to be hugging older men?” His hands were on her arms, pushing her away. Paul walked to the fridge and pulled out a cool bottle of water, his cock threatening to split his trousers in two. Just having her close put him in an aroused state. Long shirts were indeed a blessing when covering embarrassing reactions. Paul saw the hurt written on her face and put his back to her, not allowing her pain to affect him. If he saw her, he wouldn’t be able to push her away. Anna and her tears threatened to destroy him. Never before had he been so affected by a woman’s pain as he was when it came to Anna.

“You’re not old, Paul. If you don’t want me to hug you anymore, just say so,” she said, her voice wobbling from his sting of rejection.

“No? But I’m a man with needs. If you’re not prepared to see them through, stop fucking teasing me.” He stormed out of the kitchen. Her eyes were bright with tears. Slamming his office door gave him little comfort. This was the only way. Closing his eyes, Paul walked back to the window and watched as Anna walked back out to the pool. David was waiting with a smile and open arms. Paul watched as she rejected his comfort and stayed as far away from his brother as possible. She gathered her towel and walked back inside. David glanced down to where her towel had lain. In his heart he knew David would fight his decision. He picked up the diary and placed it in his safe. Whenever it got too hard for him and his feelings for her, he would come and read the diary. No way would he let Anna suffer the same fate that Fanny had. He loved Anna too much. And so it began. At every opportunity he stung Anna, trying to get her away from them. To save her from the bitterness and heartache of belonging to the Steer brothers. They would bring her nothing but pain. The diary said so.

It finally came to a head three months later.

David refused to talk to him after the last big explosive fight with Anna. She stayed out at work or with friends most days of the week. When she was home, she stayed in her room and no longer shared meals with them. She made sure she was never in the way. Paul hated himself, but he kept reading the diary to help with his decision.

He got home late one Saturday night. The house seemed empty, and he went and got a beer out of the fridge.

Taking a huge gulp, he heard the unmistakable sound of a woman giggling and the reciprocated moan of a man. Intrigued, Paul went in search of the cause of the noise, wondering if David had brought them home a woman to share to take the edge off. It had been a good few years since they’d shared a woman. Paul couldn’t get excited for anyone but Anna. Cutting off his own thoughts he went in search of a possible distraction.

The sitting room was dark, but the door remained partially open. Frowning, he opened the door slowly. If David didn’t want him to join in the fun he’d leave and go to his room.

Once his eyes adjusted to the darkness, his anger rose to unbearable heights. Anna lay on the sofa, her shirt open, but with the modest bra covering her breasts. A male hand was moving down her stomach, and she was so busy being tongue bathed by the loser she didn’t even hear Paul enter.