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Bad Girl_ Valetti Crime Family

By´╝ÜWillow Winters




I push the cuffs together and grin when I hear them click, click, click, as they slowly tighten around her wrists. She’s not going anywhere now.

“Tommy, please,” I plead with him. My pussy clenches as his hot breath tickles my neck, sending shivers down my body and making my nipples harden. I don’t even know why I’m begging him. This is exactly what I wanted. He’s what I need.

“I told you to stay away,” I whisper into the crook of her neck. My hand travels slowly up her thigh, sending tremors down her body.

I rock my pussy into his hand as his fingers shove my panties to the side. I shouldn’t want this, but I do. And I fucking love it. He pushes his hand harder against my pussy, letting me take my pleasure from him. Even though my eyes are closed, I know he’s smirking at me for giving in to him.

“You knew what I’d do to you if you came around, didn’t you?” I ask her, even though I already know the answer.

“Yes,” I whisper as his fingers gently circle my clit, sending a hot wave of pleasure through my body.

“You deliberately disobeyed me, didn’t you?” I ask her as I slowly push two thick fingers into her welcoming heat. She arches her back and pulls against her restraints. She’s so fucking wet. So ready for me.

I bite my bottom lip and muffle my moans of pleasure. He pulls his hand away, leaving me wanting, and my eyes pop open, already missing his touch. My body sags on the bed as I pant, waiting for him.

I’m the muscle of the familia, and under investigation. This shit isn’t supposed to happen. But I want her. And I always get what I want.

I’m a cop. I shouldn’t be fucking around with a thug like him. I should know better, but my body is begging for his touch. And I can’t tell him no.

Just one more time, before I have to say goodbye.

Just one more time, before it all comes to an end.

“You’re such a bad girl, aren’t you?” I give her clit a light smack with the back of my hand before climbing off the bed to unzip my jeans, letting them fall to the floor.

“I’m your bad girl.” My voice is barely above a murmur as he climbs between my legs. It hurts saying the words, because after today, I’ll never see him again. I can’t. But I want to be his bad girl.

That’s right, she’s mine. All fucking mine. At least right now she is.

I wish I could just stay here in this moment. I don’t want this to end.

I slam my dick into her tight pussy all the way to the hilt, and stay deep inside her as her walls clench around me. She screams out and bucks against me, trying to get away, but all she needs is a moment to adjust. She feels so fucking good. Each time is better than the last. I’ll never be able to fuck this broad out of my system.

My body tingles with an icy sensation as he pounds into me. Every nerve ending feels lit up, ready to spark, threatening to go off and consume me. The bed dips with each thrust and I instinctively pull against the cuffs, needing to touch him. The only sounds are the clinking of metal, our frantic breathing, and his hard thrusts.

Her heels dig into my ass, wanting more as I rut between her legs. My fingers dig into her hips to keep her still, to make her take it. She asked for this; she begged for this by coming to me again.

I tilt my hips as he pushes deeper inside of me. A strangled cry escapes my throat as he pushes me to the brink of pain, then leaves me wanting more. He pulls out almost all the way, teasing me, but gives me what I need before I have to beg for it.

My ears are filled with the sexy sounds of her moaning. She’s so loud that she’s almost drowning out the sounds of my dick slamming into her hot cunt. I fucking love it. It encourages me to fuck her harder. I never want to stop hearing her cries of pleasure.

He slams into me and groans, the sound lingering in the hot air between us. It’s the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard. My body heats in waves, and the tips of my fingers and toes go numb. I’m so close. I moan and whimper, and stare into his dark eyes as my orgasm hits me with a force that renders my scream silent.

The sight of her cumming on my dick is my undoing. I press my body against hers and thrust with short, shallow pumps, filling her until our combined cum leaks down and onto the sheets.

He kisses the crook of my neck, and I turn my head to eagerly take his lips with my own. My heart clenches in pain as I surrender all of my passion into our final kiss. Tears threaten to fall, but I push them away. I know this was our last time, but I don’t want it to be over.

I keep my lips on hers as I reach up and unlock her cuffs with the key. As soon as one wrist is free, her hand’s in my hair, pulling me closer to her.