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A Flaw So Beautiful

By:Alora Kate

Chapter 1 - Lincoln

Stalking someone is wrong.

It’s inappropriate.

It’s dishonest.

Above all, it’s illegal. I know all of this; yet, I continue my ritual of stalking, every week, on Monday.

Or maybe I was just a very good watcher? I had a good eye and paid attention to detail. Once I saw or read something, it was stored in my memory and I could recall it easily. That’s why I always got A’s in school and ended up torturing many of my classmates, along with my little sister.

It’s just who I was, and whether someone considered what I was doing, stalking or watching, I hadn’t stopped. I’m here every Monday morning, standing in my doorway just to see her. Just to spend those few seconds with her.

There was something about this girl that called to me, and I wanted to know more about her. I needed to know why I couldn’t stop myself from being in this hallway every Monday morning.

Maybe it was because she ignored me?

Maybe it was because I liked a challenge?

Or maybe it was because her ass looked good in her jeans?

Yes, definitely the jeans.

She must not be too worried about it because no cops or the landlord came knocking on my door. I just wanted to talk to her, get to know her, maybe take her out for coffee.

Besides, she hasn’t ever asked me to stop, so why not keep trying?

I was a nosy neighbor. It wasn’t healthy. My best friend, Nick, made sure he mentioned it on numerous occasions.

Here I was, standing in my doorway, on Monday Number Nine, the same scene playing out just as it has for the past eight weeks. She lived one door down and across the hall from me. I only knew a few things about her, none of which she shared. It was only because she couldn’t hide those things from me. Hell, I still don’t even know her name. It was weird having a one-sided conversation with myself.

I thought about the previous eight Mondays and what happened.

Monday Number One: It was the first day I noticed her walking into the building. I moved into the apartment building that day. Nick and I were taking in the last of the boxes out of my truck. I was in the truck at the time, pushing another box to the edge of the bed when I looked up and saw her. She had just turned to go into the building, so I didn’t catch her face. However, I did notice her nice round ass that a pair of dark washed jeans hugged perfectly. I was an ass man and immediately intrigued. I jumped down from the truck, grabbed the box quickly, and headed inside hoping to catch her in the hallway. By the time I got inside, she was gone, but Nick had been walking towards me. He’d not seen any woman in the hallway.

Monday Number Two: I had just got back from my morning run and was unlocking my door when I caught sight of her walking in the building. She had only been a few seconds behind me.

Perfect timing, right?

So, I said, “Hi,” as she passed by, trying to introduce myself and she cut me off by saying, “I’m a lesbian.” She never looked at me, never stopped walking, and was inside her apartment before I could comment back.

This time I noticed she wore big black sunglasses that covered half of her face. They had some kind of design on them, like fake diamonds or something on the side. Her hair was brown, tied up on top of her head in a messy looking bun, and I could tell from that, that her hair was really long. Seeing her in the white t-shirt and jeans reminded me that it looked like the same outfit she wore last Monday.

She was carrying a couple bags of groceries in one hand, and a dark purse was hanging from the other shoulder.

I laughed to myself at her lesbian comment because I knew she was just blowing me off. I’m a bouncer at a popular nightclub in town and the girls that I work with always tell the customers that so they don’t bother and hit on them all night.

I had seen her twice now; both on Mondays, around the same time, so I knew I’d be taking my morning run at the same time. Maybe I could get lucky three Mondays in a row; unless of course, I got another chance to talk to her before next Monday.

But I did not get another chance that week.

Monday Number Three: She had the same look on her face; not interested, cold. No smile. She showed no reaction to seeing me standing in my doorway as if I wasn’t even there. I said, “Hi,” again. She replied with, “I’m married.”

I laughed and said, “Is your wife shy like you?” I waited the few seconds it took for her to open her door and she slipped inside without answering me.

I highly doubt she was a lesbian, let alone married. I saw no ring. I also didn’t get that vibe from her—the married vibe, the lesbian vibe, or the married lesbian vibe. This furthered my decision and actions that she was just trying to blow me off.

Monday Number Four: Over the last week I decided to change my approach. Maybe she didn’t like people all up in her business or life, so I decided to start sharing myself with her.