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14 Erotic Stories Bundle(90)

By´╝ÜDanica Williams

Brad had a moment where he felt sick to his stomach as he realized that the woman he loved was about to put this guy’s strange cock in her mouth. He watched her pull it out as if he were watching a snake about to strike him. Then he realized his own cock was about to burst through his new shorts, and his breathing was as rapid as the waiter’s. Angie stroked the thick cock with her hand. Her other hand released the waiter’s shorts and they fell around his ankles on the deck. His jutting member, enclosed in Angie’s soft hand, was just in front of her face.

Angie’s eyes, fogged with open lust, were on Brad. She curled her tongue provocatively around the head of the waiter’s swollen dick. She licked the head, she slipped the tip of her pointed tongue into the drooling slit at the top of it. She curled her tongue back into her own mouth, and swallowed. Her eyes never left Brad’s face. She noticed his furtive movement down to his own hard cock, then she turned and swallowed the waiter’s cock all the way down, her nose pressed against his pubic bone. “Oh my God” the waiter breathed. His hips began to jerk, and his cock slid back and forth in her mouth as her tongue licked at him. Brad saw him become absolutely rigid for a moment, then the veins in the waiter’s cock swelled and his ballsack jerked…his cum erupting inside Angie’s sucking mouth. He didn’t even sigh, he simply pulled his shorts back up and practically ran to the door of the suite.

Angie walked slowly and deliberately back to Brad, and knelt at his feet. She opened her mouth and the waiter’s cum dribbled out, down her chin, and onto her breasts. “Can you handle it?” she asked. He threw her back on the deck and covered her instantly, thrusting as hard and as deep as he could. “Fuck… me… harder… baby” Angie moaned in rhythm with his thrusts. Her ankles locked in the small of his back as she helped him push deeper. Her hips met his thrust for thrust. When they were spent, Brad collapsed on her. She bore his full weight joyfully, caressing his hair and telling him she loved him. And so began the rest of their life..