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14 Erotic Stories Bundle(8)

By´╝ÜDanica Williams

“My goodness,” she said. “You are skilled.”

He licked faster and faster, trying to suck on her harder. James moved his lips against her skin at the base of her clit in waving motions while squeezing her ass. Just then he heard the door close on the side of the room that led to the women’s section of the sauna. He took his mouth away from Stevens’ pussy and looked in that direction. Megan was standing there, wearing only a towel and looking at them with a surprisingly neutral expression.

“Officer Fletcher,” Stevens said. “Glad you could make it. I am only borrowing James here for a minute. I saw what you two did last night and wanted to test his skills first hand. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I do not,” Megan said, though her voice sounded flatter than ever. he looked at her with the most apologetic look he could give and she gave a very slight nod in return. Her understanding made him think that perhaps she had heard some of the same rumors about Stevens that he’d heard.

“Continue, James,” Stevens said. With great reluctance he put my face back between her legs and began licking and sucking once again.

“Use your fingers,” Stevens said. “Like you did last night.”

They would’ve heard him sigh if his mouth didn’t have Stevens’ cunt in it. He forced himself to put his fingers into her pussy. It was wet but what was more surprising was that it was the tighter than he thought any pussy could be. He could barely put one finger into her. Curling his finger, he found her softest spot closer to the front of her vaginal wall and rubbed it slowly at first, then with increased speed.

“Oh yes…” Stevens moaned.

As he continued to pleasure Stevens, he felt the towel around his waist start to come off. It was Megan; she took the towel off and gently grabbed his penis. It had not been as hard as when he first saw Stevens naked; it had gotten softer as he’d felt badly that Megan had seen him this way with the Captain. Megan lowered herself and sucked hard on his cock, swirling her tongue around it and fondling his balls as she stroked the shaft. James moaned, thrusting harder and harder into Stevens’ pussy. She rocked her hips towards his face in pleasure and anticipation.

Once his cock was slick enough from Megan sucking and licking it, Megan stopped using her mouth and used both hands on his long dick. She stroked the shaft up and down with both hands and then began rotating each hand in a different direction as she did so. The feeling was spectacular and his hips were now thrusting and moving in Megan’s hands. Moaning, he licked Stevens’ pussy more and thrusted his figure harder and harder into her. Megan’s stroking with both hands was getting closer to driving him over the edge. She then switched and began to suck on the head of my cock while keeping both of her hands going on my shaft.

Soon Stevens’ pussy squeezed tightly around his middle finger inside her and she came hard with several shakes and shutters. She rocked her hips more forcefully into his face, her strength unbelievable. Her juices ran down his chin and down my wrist as she continuously kept coming in waves, her groans of pleasure resonating in the wooden, steamy chamber we were in. Megan still was working shaft shaft up and down, sucking on the head and using her tongue while still stroking his cock with both rotating hands. When Stevens’ orgasm started to end, he began slowing his licks and thrusts until she was finished. When she was done she got off of and sat next to him. Stevens acted like she hadn’t known what Megan was doing acted surprised as watched her for a while.

“That was excellent work, James,” Stevens said. She was breathing heavily and her large breasts were heaving in front of her.

“Can I help you, Officer Fletcher?” Stevens asked.

Megan looked away from the cock she was working and made eye contact with Stevens.

“If you want to,” Megan said in her still very flat voice.

Stevens crouched down next to Megan and took the head of his cock into her mouth while Megan switched to one hand and continued stroking my shaft. Then Stevens licked her way down to his balls and sucked on them while Megan put half of his cock into her mouth and sucked on it hard, licking the underside of it. James gripped the bench he was on and groaned loudly as Megan’s mouth engulfed him. Shuttering with spasms he pumped squirt after squirt into Megan’s mouth and she swallowed very last drop. Stevens sucked on his balls some more, then sat back and watched Megan suck and lick James clean.

“Well,” Stevens said, sighing. “Thank you again, and good seeing you Officer Fletcher.”

With that, Stevens picked her towel up and was putting it on as she walked out of the sauna through the main entrance.