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By´╝ÜDanica Williams

The steam got so thick that it was difficult to see. Feeling warm and relaxed enough, he walked into the unisex section of the sauna and closed the door behind him, trapping most of the steam in the men’s section. James sat down and was again alone. He closed my eyes, thinking greedily of making love to a digital version of Megan last night. Their naked bodies alone and floating through the fake universe created a sexy picture in his mind.

"Officer Zimmerman,” he heard a terse female voice say.

James opened his eyes quickly at the sound of her voice and his was fear was confirmed: Captain Stevens was standing there with a towel wrapped around her considerable bosom which barely covered her groin and showed off her incredibly strong-looking legs.

“Oh, Captain Stevens, sir,” he gulped. “How are you today?”

“I’m well, thank you,” she said in her still tense and formal voice. “At ease, Officer.”

Relaxing was never easy around Captain Stevens. He looked around the room, wondering if Megan was here yet but he didn’t see her.

“Expecting someone?” she asked, still standing in front of him and not sitting.

Yes,” he said. “Megan Fletcher.”

“I sent her on an errand this morning,” Stevens replied. “It won’t take her all morning, she’ll still be here soon, I assume.”

“Oh, I see,” he said, very disappointed and wondering how much longer he’d have to be around Captain Stevens. “Thank you for letting me know, Captain.”

“Please,” she said. “At ease, you can call me Amy.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well thank you… Amy.”

She nodded, and walked over to the control panel at the outside entrance of the sauna.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I want some privacy,” she said as if this was a very normal thing to do. He wondered if she knew that people could still enter through the other doors coming from the men’s and women’s sections of the sauna but said nothing. He was also wondering why she wanted privacy with him still here. It was making him become nervous and uncomfortable.

She turned to him and took off her towel, tossing it onto a bench beside her without looking at it but keeping her gaze trained on me. Startled, James did his best to look only at her face but he failed miserably and she undoubtedly saw him look at her naked body. Her breasts were the firmest he’d ever seen. They were C-cup size and her nipples were bigger than he’d expected. Her body didn’t look like it had an ounce of fat on it, but indeed lots of muscle. She had six pack abs visible in the slight steam of the room and her body glistened with sweat. Her legs were so muscular that they seemed to be flexed even though she was standing casually. James did keep eye contact with her most of the time while taking in the naked body of a female body builder that for some reason still had breasts.

“I like to be in the saunas in the nude,” she said.

“I see,” he said. “This is not the female section of them, though.”

“I obviously know that,” she said, a slight grin appearing on one side of her mouth. “You know, James, can I call you James?”

He nodded awkwardly. This had to be the first time she’d ever smiled.

“James,” she said, walking slowly towards him. James didn’t want to call attention to his groin but he did want to hide the absurd erection he was getting. He chose to sit still and listen instead of shift positions and risk her noticing. “I am one of the only people who have the authority to go above privacy protocol. I saw your training exercise with Officer Fletcher last night.”

“Oh,” he said, surprised and trying hard to remember if they’d violated any rules.

“You two didn’t do anything wrong,” she said, possibly reading my expression. “However, I did get to see that you have certain… skills when it comes to oral sex.”

She was standing directly in front of him. Her legs were almost touching his. He had heard rumors that sometimes Captain Stevens took advantage of her authority and had sex with some people at this station because she was above the sexual harassment rules, but he’d thought those to be only rumor as he could not picture this extremely tense person ever relaxing enough to have sex. The nervous pit in his stomach was growing larger.

I want you to use those skills,” Stevens said. “Right now, if you will.”

“Oh, um, I don’t know Captain Stevens-um, Amy-I really only want Meg-”

“Quiet, James,” Stevens said as she stepped onto the bench he was sitting on and put one leg on either side of him. She grabbed the wall behind him and thrust her shaved pussy into his shocked face. He knew what she could do to him, she could make my life hell on this station for years, so he reluctantly reached up and grabbed her rock-hard muscular buttocks and put his lips reluctantly around her clit. He began sucking on it hard and licking it to build pressure. He worked his tongue in increasingly quick circular motions.