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14 Erotic Stories Bundle(6)

By´╝ÜDanica Williams

“That was amazing, James,” she said, panting a little. “You’re so well… skilled.”

He smiled at her, kissed her. “Why thank you, Megan,” he said.

After gazing into his eyes for a moment she reached down and gently squeezed his hard cock in her left hand. He moaned and hips thrust forward in an involuntary reaction. His member was throbbing so hard he couldn’t stand it anymore. She slid his body up her own and within a second or two his dick was halfway inside her mouth and she was sucking on it, moving her tongue around the underside of it, and holding his ass to keep him close. She licked the shaft on the sides and then took it into her mouth again, almost all the way in until his balls touched her chin. The head of his cock moved past her tonsils and she swallowed to give him yet another sensation to drive him completely wild. He was thrusting his hips towards her, groaning in delight. James didn’t know what to grab, he didn’t have anything around him, so with one hand floating to his left he reached down and grabbed the back of her head, putting his hand into her incredibly soft hair. She licked and sucked the shaft, then moved to put his balls into her mouth and sucked on them while reaching up to stroke the shaft. He threw his head back-seeing that Earth was there in the distance-and groaned louder in ecstasy.

Then Megan climbed up his body and wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him closer to her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her body towards his so his cock slid effortlessly inside her still very wet pussy. James moved all the way inside of her and then lifted her body up and down so he could make her ride him in the zero gravity. Her breasts floated and moved as if underwater without gravity making them look seductive and bigger than ever. He leaned forward and took one in his mouth. Her breast was softer than it ever could be in Earth’s atmosphere and it squished against his face. Impulsively he held her hips tighter and lifted her up and down on his hard cock even faster. She grabbed the back of his head pulling his hair hard enough only to hurt slightly. The sensation made him yell out into space as his orgasm rippled through his body, draining his engorged penis.

It crossed his mind to wonder if she was using any form of birth control when he realized that they were in a Simulation by Digital Age and that they weren’t technically having sex. He felt oddly disappointed but it still felt incredibly real. His cock got harder again and he felt a second climax coming on inside her pussy. He resumed his quick motions in and out of her with determined vigor. Her pussy clenched on his penis as she orgasmic on him. The squeezing sensation and the thought of her cumming all over his dick made him squirt the rest of his juices inside her as they climaxed together; moaning loudly and holding each other tightly as he pumped his load into her. They were sweating and breathing heavily. He continued moving her up and down on his rigid shaft and her legs squeezed around his waist gasping as their orgasm finished. He slid out of her and they held each other, drifting into the stars and without gravity. James held her tighter in an embrace he’d longed to give her since he met her.

“I’ve never done that in zero gravity before,” he said, panting still.

“Neither have I,” she replied. They both sounded sleepy and drained.

“It’s our day off tomorrow,” James said. “Do you want to meet each other in person?”

“I would like that,” she said as she leaned in to kiss him. “Might I suggest the spa and sauna? It is quite relaxing.”

A thrill ran through him. “That sounds great,” he said. “Can’t wait to see you.”

“I look forward to it a great deal too,” she said. “Computer, display the time.”

Digital numbers appeared to his left and to her right, telling them it was nearly midnight.

“I have to go now,” Megan said. “I will see you tomorrow, James. Have a good night.”

“Goodnight, Megan,” he replied.

“Logging out,” she said and then she dissolved in front of him, her legs and arms around him dissolving too but he could faintly see her smile as the stars showed themselves where she used to be only seconds before. Floating there naked in simulated space, he let out a content sigh and then logged out.

James was drenched in sweat at his my computer chair, and as he detached the computer from his head he noticed that my crotch was wet as well and he’d had an orgasm in reality in addition to simulation. That led him to wonder if Megan had as well. That night James slept better than he ever had at the station.

Chapter 3

James got to the sauna the next day and was pleased that the recreation facility was more deserted than he’d ever seen it. Luck had definitely been on his side lately. He got to the locker, undressed and wrapped a towel around his waist as he entered the spa area. Twenty hot tubs in the metal floors steamed into the air and glowed blue. He made his way barefoot onto the metal and headed into the sauna, still made of wooden walls and floors to provide some sense of tradition from Earth. James turned up the heat in the room with the computer monitor next to him and let the steam get relaxed and sweaty. He was actually anxious about seeing Megan in person despite their erotic encounter the night before. It was then that he realized he was in the men’s section and not the unisex section, but decided to get hot in this one before going to the other one where he hoped Megan would be.