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14 Erotic Stories Bundle(5)

By´╝ÜDanica Williams

James felt her hand stroke the side of my face. Her skin felt so real, he could even feel her breath on his cheek before she kissed it. She brought her thigh up, the one on my leg, and it touched my groin. He was already hard and stiff there and now her thigh was feeling it. She slid her hand down from his face to his chest and then down to his groin. She began rubbing it with her palm up and down the stiff member. A small moan of pleasure escaped his lips.

“Is this helping your dizziness?” she asked. He could hear the smile in her voice.

“Yes,” he gasped

James held her body with the arm she was lying on but his hand could only go as high as her buttocks in the position they were in. He let his hand rest there and he could feel his penis growing even harder. James couldn’t hold back anymore, he squeezed her ass and they began kissing deeply, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Megan shifted on top of James, placing one leg on either side of his waist and straddling the enlarged pelvis. His hard cock pressed against his clothes and into her groin. She reached up to her neck and unzipped her red outfit down to her waist. As she unzipped it he could see nothing but her skin down the middle of her-no bra. She reached up behind her and when she raised her arms James could see the inner outlines of her exquisite breasts. She undid her ponytail and her hair fell to her shoulders which looked simply stunning. He’d never seen her with her hair down before and he couldn’t believe how strikingly beautiful she was. Then she opened the front of her red top and showed him her perfect breasts. They were firm and full and her little pink nipples looked erect. She threw her top off and sat on me naked from the waist up. He looked at her and marveled at her beauty, her body with the stars so vivid behind her made an image James would never forget.

Megan stood up with one leg still on either side of me. He sat up and her waist was a little above James’s eye level. He saw that her red pants had zippers that ran from the waist down each leg to her ankles. Unable to resist, he unzipped one of them, on her right leg, slowly. Her naked skin showed through and he could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She watched him with a small grin as he continued to unzip her other leg, slowly. Then he pulled her pant pieces off of her and she stood there naked save for her red, heeled boots. He stood up in front of her and she held him close and kissed him. He let my hands feel her incredibly soft skin, her back and her ass and her legs. She broke the kiss.

“Computer,” she said. “Remove all training clothes.”

The computer beeped twice-it needed confirmation from all in the room to complete the request.

“Confirm request,” she said.

He smiled at her.

“Confirm request,” he said.

Her red boots dissolved and she got a little shorter without the heels. His black clothes, boots, and even his watch all dissolved and he stood before her naked. She looked at his body up and down, at the toned chest, abs and very erect penis.

“Not bad, James,” she said with a beautiful smile.

Reaching out he held her close to him, pressing their bodies together and kissing her passionately. She returned it, kissing him widely and passionately. She tasted so sweet. Megan grabbed his tight ass and pulled him into her, his stiff cock pressing into her waist.

“Computer,” he said. “Zero gravity, activate.”

Megan’s eyes widened a little in surprise but she was still smiling. He kissed her again as they began to float and the floor fell away. He kissed her neck and moved her body upwards as he kissed her breasts-both of them, licking and nibbling her nipples-and kissed his way down her body to her hips, squeezing her ass and her hips as he made his way seductively to her clit. She moaned as he licked and sucked her clit, gripped her ass and gently parted her legs. He stuck his middle finger up into her tight pussy. It was wet and hot. She moaned, grabbing the back of his head with both hands both to keep him from floating away and to push his face into herself more. He looked up to meed her gaze then curled his finger inside of her, thrusting in and out maintaining eye contact. Her eyes were wild and passionate. They floated and drifted while he continuously pleasured her, the stars and the moon and the sun around them. Zero gravity gave him more stamina to keep going at a continuous pace. She gasped, moaned and ground her hips towards his face. He put a second finger into her pussy and curled them, finding the soft G-spot. When he made a ‘come hither’ gesture her moans got louder as he moved his fingers over that spot in circular motions while continuing to suck and lick her clit. He could feel her pussy flutter and squeeze around the two fingers inside her and she yelled in pleasure as her orgasm clenched hard around his inserted fingers. Her moisture made the thrusting into her slicker and more audible and soon a few drops of her wetness were floating out around them in the absence of gravity. Her hips thrust and shook as her orgasm continued, James grunted a little as he sucked and licked with more force. Her orgasm started to subside and he slowed down with his fingers and licked her in long laps. He pulled his fingers out of her and pulled her body effortlessly downward until they were face to face again. Her hair was floating around her and catching sunlight making her look almost angelic.