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14 Erotic Stories Bundle(4)

By´╝ÜDanica Williams

“I didn’t know that…” he said, a little taken back.

“So what kind of combat training shall we do?” she asked, looking at the sign in monitor. “It seems most of them are free. Lucky night.”

“Let’s hope so,” he said. She smirked at that. “Oh, zero gravity sounds fun.”

“Have you done that one before?” she asked, smiling with only one side of her mouth.

“Um, no,” he replied. “Have you?”

“Many times,” she said. “Let’s do it. There, signed us in, let’s go.”

“Ok,” he said, now intimidated. “Cool.”

Taking deep breath, he straightened the digital clothes and they entered the training room. The walls were a deep obsidian color to it with thin purple lines running in a vertical direction up and down them. The walls looked at least ten stories tall with a ceiling and floor that matched the walls. He turned and saw the door they’d entered through close and disappear-that part would always creep him out a little. The lighting in the room seemed like it was fluorescent but there were no light sources in the room.

“Computer,” Megan said loudly and there was no echo in this digital world. “Activate space background.”

The walls and lines dissolved and all around us the stars of space appeared. In the distance to our right was Earth’s moon and behind us was Earth looking not much bigger than a beach ball. Above us was a depiction of Earth’s sun in the distance. I looked at my feet and I knew I was standing on the floor still, but it looked like nothing was beneath me. This was the first time I’d experienced this and I nearly got motion sickness. Megan turned to me, her face looking cheerful but almost mischievous.

“Computer,” she announced again. “Staff training activate and zero gravity activate.”

Five foot long combat staffs appeared in their hands, hers red and his black. What he noticed most was that the floor had fallen away but he stayed where he was and began now slowly drifting upwards and forwards.

“Are you ready, James?” Megan said, grinning in a way that frightened him a little. She looked beautiful but also predatory.

“Sure thing, Megan,” he said, not sounding as confident as he’d hoped to sound. Megan shifted her staff to one hand and made a powerful swimming motion and propelled herself towards him at surprising speed. He tried to block her blow but she’d already brought her staff down on his shoulder. James’s shoulder buzzed, indicating a hit but it didn’t hurt like he expected it to. She continued to fly past him and struck his back as she did. That blow pushed him forward and away from her. He turned and swam towards her but she deflected all the blows and sent him in a different direction while she swam after him in the air to hit my legs and stomach. Finally James was able to block the next two hits then used his free hand to grab her staff and hit her in the shoulder, her side, her hip and knee. She kicked his hand holding her staff and freed herself then hit him on the top of the head. The dizziness from the buzzing indicated the hit and he groaned loudly. Megan paused and watched him.

“Are you ok, James?” she asked, he could hear concern in her voice though he couldn’t focus his vision on her yet.

“Um, I…” I was feeling nauseated a little, but mostly dizzy I’m okay though.”

Suddenly he felt her hands gently pull on his waist and shoulders to hold him close to her. Her staff was no longer in her hands and he’d let go of his.

“Computer,” she announced with her voice softer this time as she was pressed against him. “Bring the gravity back over the course of thirty seconds.”

They started to slowly fall and he tensed to try to brace himself but it only made him dizzier.

“Stay still,” Megan said very soothingly. “I’ve got you.”

Then he realized he was lying down and she was lying next to him with one arm over his chest and one leg over his leg. Her breasts pressed against him and her face was inches from his own. He was still incredibly dizzy despite desperately wanting a quick recovery so he could enjoy her amazing body against his.

“What was the score?” he asked.

She laughed a little.

“You were beating me,” she said. “Until I took the cheap headshot. I forgot that this was your first time. You did amazing for a newbie though.

“Thank you,” he said. “But I’m not so sure I was winning. You’re too generous.”

“You really were,” she said. “A four hit combo is hard to get. No one’s done that to me before. You’re still dizzy?”

“Yes,” he said. “Very much.”