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14 Erotic Stories Bundle(10)

By´╝ÜDanica Williams

Stan liked it too. Even as they stood in the small line to get tickets he could barely keep his hands off her. He had not mentioned it, but she knew he was aware that she was naked beneath the dress. His hands had slipped down her back to where her panty line usually was several times. His face had registered his surprise, but he had made no mention of it. Teri smiled up at his craggy handsome face, and he bent to kiss her lightly. “You look amazing!” he told her. They usually sat at about the center of the theater when they went, but tonight she guided him to seats near the back on the dark side, nearest the wall. As the opening scene came on, she nestled her head on Stan’s shoulder and waited.

She got her opportunity just a few minutes into the movie. The good looking actor with the incredible hard body and impossible abs was naked, kissing the breasts of a really nice looking actress. Teri whispered into Stan’s ear. “I wonder how big his cock is?” Stan seemed mildly amused at the question, but she could tell he was wondering about the body of the woman in the scene. She looked around to see if anyone had sat near them. There was a nice looking young man in the center row of seats across from them, but he was focused on the nude actress on the screen too. Teri slid the skirt of the peasant dress up nearly to her waist and spread her legs as wide as the seat would allow. Stan didn’t notice, as the actress onscreen was now completely nude, the handsome young actor between her spread thighs…though the explicit details were artfully covered by the bedclothes. She took a deep breath, and moved Stan’s hand to her newly shaved pussy. When his hand touched her it was almost like an electric shock. She marveled at the rush of heat between her legs. “She hissed quietly into Stan’s ear “Do you suppose they are really fucking?” Stan jerked at both the question and the feel of his wife’s hairless mound. She was holding his hand with both of hers, moving his fingers exactly where she wanted them, and literally masturbating herself with his hand. She felt the wetness begin. Teri could tell Stan was aroused, she could see the rising lump expanding in the front of his pants. “Watch” she whispered hoarsely, “He’s fucking her. Do you like watching him fuck her? Does it turn you on?” Stan’s lump lurched in his pants, she watched it jerk.

Leaving his hand between her legs, she reached up and pulled the scoop necked top down below her breasts, leaving them bare to the darkness. She began pulling and tweaking her already hard nipples. Her own excitement billowed inside her like a spring storm. “You like watching him fuck her don’t you?” On the screen the actress’s breasts were shaking back and forth in simulated ecstasy, but in the seats, Teri’s began to heave. Stan nodded, speechless but spellbound, and seeing a side of Teri he had never before seen. He loved it. Teri now had worked two of his fingers into her, and she was dripping onto the seat. Her legs were spread so wide he could see the inner muscles of her slender thighs working, her hips rotating in the opposite direction of his hand. Her hands left her breasts and pulled his head down to hers, her eyes wide. As she held his face close to her own, she began really writhing in the seat, her breath coming in short bursts. “You’re going to make me cum right here” she said. She kissed him deeply. “I think he has a really big dick” she gasped. “I bet they’re really fucking and she really has that big dick inside her!” Stan used his free hand to massage his cock through his pants. “Does that excite you Teri” he breathed. “You’d really like to see his cock while he fucks her?” Teri’s eyes squeezed shut. “Yes” her hips began to spasm. “I’d like to suck his cock, I’d love to feel his hot cum pouring into my mouth!” Her orgasm took her, her tiny body thrashing in the theater seat.

She sat up, afraid to look around in case someone might have seen her. She had been surprised at the intensity of her orgasm, and she had been louder than she’d imagined she would. Her skirt slid back down by itself, but her breasts were still bared. It felt childishly wicked to sit here uncovered like this in public, but she found she was enjoying it. Stan was still rigid with surprise, and, she noted, something else was still just rigid. She leaned forward, rubbed his straining dick. She kissed him and bent back to his lap. “Somebody’s excited” she crooned softly. “Yesss” Stan whispered. “That excites you does it?” She lightly nuzzled his erection through his pants. Stan could barely restrain himself. He nodded. She unzipped the fly of his khaki pants and freed the swollen organ. Kissing the tip, she darted her tongue out, licking all the way around his glands. “Does the idea of watching me suck his cock turn you on?” she asked. Beyond caring, his answer was bluntly honest. “Yes, it turns me on…” Slipping the head gently inside of her mouth, sucking gently, then grabbing it hard and looking into his eyes she said “And would it turn you on if I let him cum in my mouth?” Stan began to erupt fiercely. She dropped her mouth back on to his pulsing cock and swallowed every last drop. Licking her lips, she raised her head from the spent cock and looked up. The young man across the center aisle was staring at her bare heaving breasts, and her tongue licking the last of the cum from her lower lip and chin. His massive dick was out of his pants and in his hand. She came again.